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Expert Witness Los Angeles
 Expert Witness 
Mr. Fisher has served both defendants and plaintiffs in communications-related litigation throughout the U.S. and has testified in depositions, arbitration hearings and court trials.
Expert Witness Los Angeles
 Crisis Communications 
Mr. Fisher is nationally recognized by the legal profession and media as an expert in handling crisis situations and repair of image/reputation damage.
Expert Witness Los Angeles
Mr. Fisher is available for consulting projects in a diverse range of communications areas relating to PR, marketing, image/reputation, public perception, etc.
 Litigation Support 
While a communications generalist in respect to his background and experience, Mr. Fisher is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of law and litigation.  His firm was a national pioneer (1978) in creating and developing public relations and marketing/communications programs for the legal profession and has represented over 110 legal entities, including law firms, bar associations, lawyer referral services, bar review courses, etc. For law firms, he provided litigation support for hundreds of trials and cases throughout the United States, to include:
  • Iranian Hostages U.S. Supreme Court Case
  • United Airlines Plane Crash in Iowa
  • Paducah (KY) High School Student Killings
  • AFL/CIO Boycott of Coors Beer
  • Firestone Tire National Class Action Lawsuit
  • Breeder’s Cup Scandal
  • Rodney King "Beating" Trial
  • IRS Tax Fraud Lawsuit Against San Francisco Area CPA Firm
  • “Beach Boys” Dennis Wilson Estate Dispute

Communications actions taken to meet client needs and avoid litigation:


  • Generate media exposure about problem as a means to exert pressure and force change/action.

  • Facilitate direct contact with those to be influenced (e.g. phone call, letter, meeting).

  • Arrange forums for interaction (e.g. speaking engagements, seminars, focus groups).

  • Communicate with third parties who can influence/persuade/motivate those who need to act.

  • Develop a crisis communications strategy and program should litigation be inevitable.

Playing the “media card” using media exposure to meet needs throughout litigation process:


  • Generate media exposure for grievances when lawsuit filed (news conference or news release).

  • Keep case in “public eye” to exert pressure, influence public opinion, reveal new information.

  • When appropriate, bring media to sites where they can see problems, actions being taken, etc.

  • Use news releases, statements, etc. during trial to protect client, shield from media if needed.

  • Inform/comment on daily trial developments through news conferences, briefings and interviews.

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