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Expert Witness Los Angeles
 Robert J. Fisher 


Mr. Fisher has served as an expert witness for nearly two decades utilizing his half century of experience in the communications field and expertise in crisis communications and reputation management and repair to provide analysis, insight, conclusions and opinions in litigation. He has testified in jury and bench trials and in state and federal courts as well as in arbitration hearings.  He is available for assignments.

 Representative Cases 
Mr. Fisher has served as an expert witness in a broad range of cases relating to communications, public perception and opinion as well as issues, matters and disputes related to various segments of the communications field, including:
  • Defamation (Libel and Slander)
  • Reputation damage from actions, inactions and misrepresentations
  • Damage to ability to market one’s career from loss of professional work product/samples
  • Issues related to journalism policies, practices and ethics
  • Professional malpractice
  • Overbilling for professional fees
  • Flawed strategy and performance/failure to perform
  • Critique of operation, procedures and revenue distribution of professional service firm
  • Analysis of damage to image/reputation from negative media exposure
  • Negative consequences of student expelled from university
  • Impact from alleged identity theft and stealing of clients
 Professional Experience 
Prior to founding his firm in 1978, Mr. Fisher’s work experience consisted of serving in the following positions in the fields of journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing/communications.
  • New York Times
    Newspaper - Reporter

  • Los Angeles Beautiful, Inc.
    Non Profit -  Public Relations Director

  • Harshe, Rotman & Druck
    National PR Firm - Assistant Account Executive

  • Burson-Marsteller, Inc.
    National PR Firm - Account Executive

  • Atlantic Richfield Plaza
    Shopping Center - Promotion Director

  • Doremus & Company
    National PR Firm - Account Supervisor

  • Fisher & Associates, Inc.
    PR Firm - President

    (Based in Los Angeles for 42 years, the firm provided a variety of communications services to clients on local, national and international levels. As it was the first public relations firm in the country representing the legal profession, it represented over 130 law firms and was involved in providing communications support in scores of cases and trials throughout the country.)
 Crisis Communications Expertise 
As a result of his firm’s extensive background in representing the legal profession and involvement in litigation, combined with his communications expertise in the fields of image and reputation and the firm’s handling of crisis situations throughout the U.S., Mr. Fisher is nationally recognized as an expert and authority in crisis communications.
 Media Expert Source/Analyst 
Because of his legal, image and crisis background, Mr. Fisher has been utilized by the media nationally as an expert information source and analyst on news and issues relating to litigation, communications, image development and repair, controversial people/entities and those in crisis.

As an example of Mr. Fisher’s utilization by the media as an expert information source and analyst in crisis communications and reputation damage, within one hour of the verdict in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, Mr. Fisher was contacted by approximately two dozen local, national and international media (e.g. Associated Press, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times) seeking interviews to obtain his comments and opinions on how the verdict impacted Mr. Simpson and his reputation and what he needed to do going forward. Mr. Fisher continued to be solicited by the media for comments and opinions throughout the period between the criminal and civil trials as well as immediately after the civil trial verdict (e.g. CBS Evening News).
 Related Experience 
While serving in the United States Army (1966-68), Mr. Fisher served in the Public Information Office in West Germany and provided traditional public relations counsel and services to the military and also interacted with the German community.
 Professional Memberships (partial list) 
  • Public Relations Society of America (former Executive Committee Member of Counselor’s Academy)
  • Public Communicators of Los Angeles (officer for five years)
  • Institute of Management Consultants (board member)
  • Public Interest Radio and Television Education Society
  • American Heart Association (Vice Chairman, Communications Committee)
 Lectures & Publications 

Throughout his 50 years as a communications professional, Mr. Fisher has written articles, columns and other forms of editorial content for local, regional and national general, business and professional trade publications as well as spoken and made presentations to a variety of business and professional organizations and lectured at colleges and universities. 


As a pioneer in communications for the legal profession, Mr. Fisher has written articles for multiple ABA national publications as well as local regional and national publications. As a speaker, he has spoken to numerous bar associations, including making a presentation to the ABA’s national convention.

  • San Jose State College     Bachelor of Arts degree     Public Relations (1966)
  • University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) - Periodic courses to upgrade knowledge.
 Awards and Honors 
During his half century as a communications professional, Mr. Fisher has received numerous honors and awards.  A complete list is available upon request. Below is a partial list of those he received that relate to programs he executed that addressed reputation damage either emanating from defamation or harmful actions of others:

• Public Relations Society of America      First Place      Crisis Communications Program
• Public Relations Society of America      First Place      Press Kit: "Perception v Reality"
• Publicity Club of Los Angeles                First Place      Crisis Communications Program: One Time Project
• Publicity Club of Los Angeles                First Place      Crisis Communications Program: "Tipping the Scales for Justice"

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