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Gratification in Knowing the Client’s Goal Was Achieved

The ultimate goal of any expert witness is to provide information, insight, analysis and opinions based on his or her education, training, certification, skills and/or experience to assist in the litigation process.  When the counsel and service provided has met the client’s needs, expressions of gratitude – while not required - are always welcome and appreciated.  For his service as an expert witness in cases throughout the United States, Mr. Fisher has been the recipient of numerous such complimentary comments from attorneys, litigants, expert witness services, etc.  A few of the unsolicited comments he has received are published below.

Comments on Litigation Services Provided


“You were a really great expert witness. Certainly one of the most organized and interested in contributing to the overall strategy, and you made a great presentation.” — A. Schwartz, Esq., Los Angeles, California

“I will let you know when it is settled for sure, but I do truly appreciate your willingness to be our expert in this case and your advice over the phone and email. I mentioned you and your credentials and some of your other high profile cases at mediation and I believe the defendants took note of that.” — M. Goldberger, Esq., Palm Beach, Florida

“The Court granted Rain’s Summary Judgment motion (based primarily on your report), award damages and all attorney fees.  Thanks a million for all of your help in this case.” — J. Stewart, Esq.  Phoenix, Arizona


“I appreciate your help and assistance with this matter and our client is thankful as well for your dedication to this case.” — J. Valdes, Esq., Tampa, Florida

“I got some very nice feedback from the attorney on your services. Nice job. — J. Brown, Las Vegas, Nevada

“My client has informed me that he will not make a decision on how to proceed in this case without your input first.”  — K. Scott, Fort Myers, Florida

“Your expert assistance on this matter was appreciated.” — C. Caldwell, Esq., Sacramento, California


“Thank you for working with us. I’ve appreciated the insight.” — R. Williams, Esq., Raleigh, North Carolina


“Thanks for all your help and insight.” — T. Yianne, Esq., Charleston, West Virginia

“Thank you for your hard work and diligence on this case.”  — S. Fineman, Esq., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Comments on Testimony (Trials, Arbitration Hearings, Depositions)


“Bob, great job on the stand today.  I think your testimony was very valuable. We got exactly what we needed. You did really well.  Thank you.”  — A. Schwartz, Esq., Los Angeles, California

“Thank you for your testimony today. You did a great job and I think the jury really liked you.” — M.R. Lykken, Esq., Monterrey, California.

“You did great yesterday in the deposition. I’m super excited to get you in front of a jury in Michigan.” — S. Willis, Esq., Kalamazoo, Michigan


“I thought you came across very well and I sincerely appreciate your intelligence.” — N. Krakana, Scottsdale, Arizona


“I want to thank you for your help. We have prevailed. Thanks for everything.” — P.K. Nguyen, Esq., San Jose, California

"Good job, Bob, I knew it would be a battle. Bob - good job." — C. Congeni, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio


“You did a great job. Thanks much.” — R. Duncan, Esq., Washington, D.C.


“Your presentation went very well for us.” — J. Dareneau, Esq., Tampa, Florida


“I was appreciative of Mr. Fisher’s testimony last week.” — L. Alpert, Esq., Westminster, California

Comments on Impact on Case Resolutions

“The Court granted Rain’s Summary Judgment motion (based primarily on your report), award damages and all attorney fees.  Thanks a million for all of your help in this case.” — J. Stewart, Esq.  Phoenix, Arizona


“We are very appreciative of your work on this as it was quite helpful in the mediation. The Judge had clearly read the report and from what I understood, advised Ms. Brink of the difficulties she would have with the expert portion of this as our identified expert had vast and significant amounts of experience.” — M. Fruci, Esq., Newark, New Jersey


“I gave it to the mediator confidentially and yes, I think it helped.  We settled for 7 times the amount they wanted to pay.  I thought (report) was very beneficial.” — S.H. Toothacre, Esq, San Diego, California

Comments on Expert Witness Reports


“This reads excellent.  Thank you for all your hard work on this.” — R. Whattoff, Esq., Honolulu, Hawaii

“Thank you again so much for the quick turnaround and sage report.” — S. Fineman, Esq., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“It’s perfect!”  — L. Weinstein, New York, New York

"Bob's Report is Excellent." — J. McClaugherty, Esq., Monrovia, California

“In my opinion, your report is very thorough and impressive. — H. Smith, Esq.  San Diego, California


“I have found the expert presentation to be exceptionally well done. My wife and I are pleased.” — Dr. L. Archambault, Fort Myers, Florida

“I think it is great.  Thank you for all your help and support.” — M. Collins, Esq., Los Angeles, California


“This is great.” — C. Terada, Esq., Honolulu, Hawaii


“I reviewed it and it looks great.” — T. Tonevold, Esq., Mesa, Arizona

“I looked it over really well and it looks great.”  — Catilyn Colbes, Minneapolis, Minnesota


“I think this report looks good.”  — Thank you for much for your help.” M. Napoli, Esq., New York, New York


“I think it is very good.” — A. Boylan, Esq., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“It is very good.” – S.H. Toothacre, Esq., San Diego, California

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