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Reputation/Image Damage


  • Represented the plaintiff in litigation against one of the nation’s most respected and prestigious universities, Duke University.  Plaintiff was a senior at the university when he was accused of engaging in an illegal act off campus of which he was innocent.  Plaintiff was expelled from school depriving him of a degree and resulting in a loss of a major business position.  (Durham, North Carolina)

  • Represented the plaintiffs, the largest chain of health facilities in Southwest Florida, in a lawsuit against its law firm which failed to provide proper counsel which resulted in a $130 million legal action filed by the federal government for violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute.  The eventual settlement was the largest in U.S. History for that type of industry.  (Miami, Florida)

  • Represented the Plaintiffs, a plastic surgery practice and the building owner, in a lawsuit against the Defendant, a contracting firm for actions that negatively impacted one of the plaintiffs, a candidate for Governor of Rhode Island.  (Chicago, Illinois)

  • Represented the plaintiff, an internationally-renowned photographer, whose career was irreparably damaged of false allegations of improper sexual conduct and child pornography.  (Raleigh, North Carolina)

  • Represented the plaintiff, the CEO of a major public utility in a case against the Nye County Sheriff’s Office involving a false arrest and reputational harm suffered from mass public media exposure and allegations of wrongdoing.  (Pahrump, Nevada)

  • Represented the plaintiff in a dispute with an insurance company relating to unlawful instructions provided to the plaintiff by the company’s legal counsel in a previous litigation which resulted in reputational harm.  (Baltimore, Maryland)

  • Represented the plaintiff in a case brought by one manufacturer against another for copying its products thus infringing on its intellectual property (copyrights and trademarks). Assessed harm and damage to image, reputation and brand. (Los Angeles, California)

  • Served as an expert to prepare an analysis/report for an attorney who had been sanctioned by the California State Bar detailing the negative effects the publication of the sanction has had on his image and reputation thus harming his ability to practice law. (Los Angeles, California)

  • Represented the plaintiff in a case involving reputational harm emanating from a fraudulent email sent out in the plaintiff’s name within an upscale residential community, the content of which caused him to be viewed in an unfavorable manner.  (Fort Myers, Florida)

  • Served as a consultant to a residential real estate leasing company that filed a lawsuit against the University of California at Irvine based on a breach of contract and subsequent actions by the university which caused reputation harm to the plaintiff worldwide.  (Orange County, California)

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