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Defamation Contained In Negative Media Exposure


  • Represented the plaintiff (the founder of a high profile New York City law firm) in a defamation lawsuit against the New York Post pertaining to a series of articles it published related to a legal dispute with a former partner over the control of the firm. (New York, New York)

  • Represented the defendant in a defamation case brought by a former employee and contractor against the Board of Water Supply, City and County of Honolulu.  Plaintiff claimed the agency failed to protect the company and owner when there was significant media coverage of a major public dispute that damaged their image and reputation.  (Honolulu, Hawaii)

  • Represented the plaintiff (a male pilot) in a lawsuit against a major airline, Alaska Airlines, and a female flight attendant for defamation related to a false sexual assault charge she alleged in media interviews.  (Seattle, Washington)

  • Represented the plaintiff in a case against the Huffington Post and multiple media outlets and individuals who made misrepresentations that caused severe reputation damage based on actions taken in a baby adoption dispute.  (Birmingham, Alabama)

  • Represented the plaintiff in a case involving a lawsuit against the Scottsdale Police Department for image/reputation damage that emanated from a false arrest and the resulting negative media coverage that ensued (Scottsdale, Arizona).

  • Represented the plaintiff, Virginia College, a chain of medical-oriented colleges in a defamation lawsuit where it alleged the defendants made false accusations against it in a series of media interviews. (Jackson, Mississippi)

  • Represented the defendant (attorney) in a defamation case where the plaintiff (attorney) accused defendant of generating media exposure of sanctions plaintiff  received from Bankruptcy Court, thus damaging reputation resulting in loss of business. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

  • Served as counsel/expert witness for the defendant (police) in a case where plaintiff claimed his image and business was ruined from media exposure related to actions by police after an arrest. (Charleston, West Virginia)

  • Represented a newspaper editor (plaintiff) in a defamation lawsuit against the editor of a rival newspaper for an article published accusing him of murder. (San Jose, California)

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