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Robert J. Fisher, a veteran public relations and communications executive, image/reputation expert and former journalist (N.Y. Times), is an experienced expert witness who has represented litigants in 98 cases in 31 states throughout the U.S. He has expertise in all communications fields and related areas (e.g. defamation, reputation/image damage, harm from negative media exposure, public perception/opinion, journalism).
Expert Witness Los Angeles
As a veteran public relations, marketing and advertising executive/counselor and journalist with 52 years of experience (the last four decades operating his own firm in Los Angeles) Robert J. Fisher has extensive experience in all segments of the communications industry. Utilizing this background, he has served as an expert witness, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in over 98 cases in 31 states and the District of Columbia, and has provided testimony at depositions, arbitration hearings and court trials (both jury and bench) in state and federal courts. Some of his cases have had national and international significance. 

Among the cases, Mr. Fisher has served as an expert witness to plaintiffs and defendants, including:

  • “2020 Presidential Voting Fraud” – Lawsuit again Fox News Network filed by Dominion Voting Systems for defamation based on Fox’s reporting of irregularities in the counting of votes in the Presidential Election.  (Delaware)

  • “Duke Rape Case”Lawsuit filed by a student against Duke University related to an allegation of rape which caused reputation damage as a result of an improperly conducted hearing and a subsequent finding of guilt.  (Durham, North Carolina)

  • “DOD/CIA Torture” – Lawsuit file by clinical psychologist against the American Psychological Association for accusations that he was part of group that worked with the Department of Defense to counseled and trained the military in advanced interrogation techniques.  (Washington, D.C.)

  • “NRA Dispute” – Lawsuit filed by National Rifle Association against its communications firm for improper business practices, poor performance and harmful dissemination of confidential information.  (Alexandria, Virginia)

  • “Wiki Leaks Source” – Lawsuit filed by an individual claiming defamation and reputation harm as a result of claims that he was the source of the leaked Democratic National Committee emails that led to the Wiki-Leaks exposure.  (Washington, D.C.)

  • “IRS Sanctions” - Lawsuit filed by the largest chain of health facilities in Southwest Florida against its law firm which failed to provide proper counsel which resulted in a $130 million legal action filed by the federal government for violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute.  (Miami, Florida)

  • “Right of Publicity Violation” – Lawsuit filed by a prominent television morning show co-anchor against Facebook, Inc. for violating a law by enabling an unauthorized and improper use of her image.  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

  • “Haddish Book” – Lawsuit filed by the husband of motion picture Actress Tiffany Haddish for a book she wrote on her life which disparaged and defamed him.  (Austin, Texas)

  • “Insider Trading Termination” -  Lawsuit filed by stock broker against Morgan Stanley for defamation and reputation damage as a result of its accusation that she engaged  was accused of insider trading which resulted in her termination.  (Washington, D.C.)    



Mr. Fisher’s effectiveness as an expert witness has been recognized by those he has served.  A few comments and assessments have included:

“Bob, great job on the stand today.  I think your testimony was very valuable. We got exactly what we needed. You did really well. “You were a really great expert witness. Certainly one of the most organized and interested in contributing to the overall strategy, and you made a great presentation.  Thank you.” 
— A. Schwartz, Esq., Los Angeles, California

“The Court granted Rain’s Summary Judgment motion (based primarily on your report), award damages and all attorney fees.  Thanks a million for all of your help in this case.” — J. Stewart, Esq.  Phoenix, Arizona

“I gave it to the mediator confidentially and yes, I think it helped.  We settled for 7 times the amount they wanted to pay.  I thought (report) was very beneficial.” — S.H. Toothacre, Esq, San Diego, California

“We are very appreciative of your work on this as it was quite helpful in the mediation. The Judge had clearly read the report and from what I understood, advised Ms. Brink of the difficulties she would have with the expert portion of this as our identified expert had vast and significant amounts of experience.”
- M. Fruci, Esq., Newark, New Jersey

Thank you for your testimony today. You did a great job and I think the jury really liked you.” 
— M.R. Lykken, Esq., Monterrey, California.

“You did great yesterday in the deposition. I’m super excited to get you in front of a jury in Michigan.” 
— S. Willis, Esq., Kalamazoo, Michigan

“My client has informed me that he will not make a decision on how to proceed in this case without your input first.”  — K. Scott, Fort Myers, Florida.

Additional Qualifications

In addition to his communications background, Mr. Fisher’s qualifications as an expert witness are supplemented by his direct involvement in law and litigation, to include:
  • His firm was (possibly) the first in the country (1978) to represent the legal profession and was a pioneer in the field of legal marketing and communications.
  • Having represented over 130 law firms, he has been involved in hundreds of litigation cases nationwide impacting on the “Court of Public Opinion” as part of the litigation strategy.
  • Through his legal involvement, he has become recognized nationally as an expert in crisis communications and reputation/image management and repair and has long been utilized by the nation’s news media (e.g. Associated Press, CBS News, Time Magazine, major daily newspapers) as an expert media information source, analyst and commentator. 
  • Defamation (Libel and Slander)

  • Reputation Damage

  • Reputation Repair Programs

  • Impact from Negative Online or Media

  • Public Perception/Opinion

  • Journalism/Media Operation and Ethics

  • Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing

  • Professional MalpracticeImproper/Over Billing

Mr. Fisher’s half century of professional experience in numerous communications fields makes him uniquely qualified to serve as an expert witness in a broad range of areas relating to communications.  A partial list includes:
 Mr. Fisher is also available to provide Litigation Support, Crisis Communications and Consulting Services.
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